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Kickstart(er) My Heart!

"Boom Town" kickstarter

Despite a record snowfall in our area delaying our work by a few days, we are on the home stretch of launching our 28mm terrain designed for games, such as Mailifaux and Wild West Exodus.  Todd has been running around cutting things for the both of us.  He dropped off a few of my prototypes and, other than some cosmetic changes, they will be ready for photos this weekend.  

That brings me to our exciting news!  We are launching a Kickstarter to pre-sell the items.  We are hoping to have the photos done and everything approved in about two weeks (give or take a few days).  Their will be two styles: 

Boom Town - A rough and tumble western town harboring a violent and bloody secret.

Pitchford - A charming little town with beautiful architecture and an interesting nightlife.

Why do a Kickstarter?  You have a store?

Good question.  Basically, it's a way to drum excitement and offer some fun and better deals while having a 30 day pre-order. We are also using a model where you are able to pick and choose what you want to from all of the new items.  The items also won't be available until we send all of the Kickstarter items (with the exception being a "special" pledge level in the Kickstarter).

When does it start?

If all goes well, next weekend.  We need to finish taking pictures and do a few updates to the Kickstarter page.  Then we wait to submit it to Kickstarter.  It should take them about three days.  

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