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Complex Layout 1 4x6

Complex Layout 1 4x6

$ 450.00 $ 560.00

This is a layout that was designed to fill a 4x6 table and contains the following. It can be setup as designed but it is modular so you can set it up however you like. Buying the Layout will give you a 20% discount over buying the pieces individually since it is a large purchase. Because of the included discount the Layout set isn't available to have further discounts applied.

2 x 4 Way Intersections

6 x L Sections

6 x T Sections

2 x Entrances      

1 x Data Center  

1 x Control Center

1 x Med Bay 

1 x Cargo Bay  

1 x Prison Bay

2 x Short Straight Sections (1 w/ railings)         

9 x Straight Sections
(2x Doorway Ends, 2x w/ Railings, 2x w/Railings+Monitors  2x Bulkhead Doorways, 1x Sliding Doors)

3 x 1” Straight Section  

Product comes un-assembled and un-painted. Models shown for sizing and are not included.

Series 1 buildings

This set is already discounted and not part of any sale or special promotion.  

Complex Assembly Instructions

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