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Boom Town Mining Camp Package 05

Boom Town Mining Camp Package 05

$ 36.00

The reason Boom Towns existed was because of Mining so we had to add one to the set. This set adds to the mining camp with a couple curved track and some carts that can be coupled together as well as an explosive plunger and some TNT crates. 

1x Destroyed Powder Building - 3.25" H x 4.25" W x 2.75" D
Just like the normal Powder Building but all blowed up!
1x Curved piece of 1/4 track - Roughly 10" x 10" (2 are in the picture but only 1 comes in the package. It's based on the cut sheets. I'll get a single picture soon. Sry)
1x Med Track -5.75" L
1x Short Track - 4" L
2x Mining Carts with couplers
1x TNT Plunger
3x TNT Small Crates
1x Danger Explosives Sign

(** Product comes unpainted and unassembled, Painted models and pictures shown for effect only**)

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