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Biker Bar - "Kum Dumpster"

Biker Bar - "Kum Dumpster"

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Deep in the desert of Iran lies one of the largest illegal trafficking routes in the world.  From drugs to military weapons, anything and everything is for sale.  On this route lays several makeshift towns to provide refueling and protection from Law Enforcement.

Plenty of businesses have sprung up to supply whatever the various gangs and smugglers require.  One of them stands out as the best "Gentlemen's Club" for 300 ft (yeah...that's 300 feet).  The "Kum Dumpster" where the beer (and ladies) may or may not contain artificial ingredients.   


1. a variant spelling of Qom

kum. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Retrieved August 28, 2016 from website

The "Kum Dumpster" is a multi-part model of 3mm MDF and Acrylic.   Variations in the creation process means that each piece may have slight differences.  This item requires assembly and paint.  

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