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Full Sized Five Tiered Hobby Rack

Full Sized Five Tiered Hobby Rack

$ 25.00

This is our full sized tiered paint rack. The rack can be assembled with sections for different brands of paint. The back row is designed to hold brushes, shapers or other similar tools.

Paint Rack -10" Deep x 20" Long x 4" High
Tool Drawer - 10 1/4" Deep x 20 1/4" Long x 1" High
Three Drawer Shelf - 10 1/4" x 20 1/4" Long x 3 1/2" High

1 1/8" Hole (Vallejo) Shelves Hold 75 Dropper Bottles (15 bottles per shelf)
1 1/4" Hole (Golden, P3, Coat D Arms, Badger Minitaire) Shelves Hold 70 Bottles (14 bottles per shelf)
1 3/8" Hole (GW) Shelves Hold 60 Paint Pots (12 bottles per shelf)

NOTE: When selecting paints, row 1 is the bottom front row and row 5 is the top back row.  

**Product comes un-built and not painted. Painting/ Hobby supplies shown for display purposes, they are not included.

**Assembly instructions can be downloaded here:

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